Our Hard Cider List

Our ciders are ever changing at the tasting room but here are some that continually come back


Old Bicorne- The one that started it all, this traditional heirloom cider is made with a single apple. A bit tart and a bit sweet.


Harmar’s Defeat- Our tart cherry cider is made with high acid apples and Montmorency cherries. Tart and dry.


Loa (le-wa)-  Our dry hopped cider is named after the Haitian Voodoo Spirit of Agriculture. Bringing two crops together, hops and apples, this cider has tropical notes backed by a light sweetness.


Bramble On- As local as it can get, this cider is made with Kendallville Winesap apples and finished with whole Fort Wayne Blackberries.

Some seasonals-


Para Mis Amigos

Monroe Harvest

Peterson Pear


Holy Crapple

The Crossing